Bread with honey and almonds

19-2-2012 Its 7.45 O'clock in the morning and The Time Now For Breakfast Our Breakfast Today IS "Bread with honey and almonds" Its Yummy Tasty Breakfast

Preparation time: 05 to 10
Cooking time: 20-30 minutes


1-15 bread, sliced ​​thick

2 - two eggs

3 - cup of milk and honey natural white

4 - roasted and ground almonds
How to prepare
How to prepare

1 - for this recipe you must use the bread byte

  2 - Put the milk in a bowl and the status of failed eggs in a bowl last

3 - Put the oil in a frying pan to the fire heats up

4 - Put the bread in a bowl of milk is not claimed by a lot so as not to absorb the amount of milk

5 - Ashabayh in my attic oil, honey and almonds, Rchih Hana offers a thousand and a healing


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