Tuna With Toast Rolls

Tuna With Toast Rolls iTs Yummy Tasty Toast Rolls You Ever You Have Eaten Just try It 

Ingredients Recipe
  • Crushed tuna.
  • A bag of sliced ​​toast.
  • 3 spoons mayonnaise.
  • Salt to taste.
  • sprinkling soft coriander.
  • Little of the cheese.

How to prepare :

  • Add salt and mayonnaise on the tuna and turn the well.
  • Parties cut slices toast with a knife .
  • Divide the slide into two halves and place each slice in the amount of tablespoons of the mixture previous.
  • Rolled the slide in the form of cylinder and proven by wiping of cheese and then in tray,
  • And so on until the amount and then we enter into the oven and from the top and Frying it.
  • And then put parsley or anything above green for decoration.
The End And We Hope You Like It


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  1. Those rolls look delicious!



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