Dryer Cherry covered With Chocolate

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Dryer Cherry covered With Chocolate


• 2 cup of dried cherries

• 450 grams of dark chocolate sweetened soft


How to prepare

1. Cherry is placed in a bowl Alkhvaq and operated at low speed

2. Add the chocolate cherry using a ladle to spoon after the other to cover enough of the cherry chocolate (a 1:1 ratio or 50% of chocolate and 50% of the cherry)

3. Use a larger amount of chocolate if you want thicker layer of chocolate and vice versa
How to soften chocolate (about the book sweets Desert Circus, written by Jacques Torres):

Toilet after chocolate is melted so again gaining luster and texture, without coherent Tafrol or become pale color (and it happens when they break the fat molecules in the chocolate and accumulate on the surface) and there are many ways to soften chocolate.

One of the easiest ways to soften chocolate: break chocolate into small pieces and then placed in the microwave for 30 seconds and at elevated temperature until the melt most of the chocolate should be here care so as not to heat up too much (must be the temperature of dark chocolate between 88 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit any Advye little lips the bottom of the human being will not change shape even if about to melt completely, 

while melt white chocolate, and chocolate milk at two degrees less than the white chocolate because of the amount of lactose they contain) will dissolve any blocks left over from chocolate because of the temperature, and using the clapper manual or electric can get rid of these blocks. 

 Chocolate and usually begins in cohesion or crystallization on the sides of the vessel, and in the meantime, these crystals should be mixed with melted chocolate until emulsifies.It should be noted that the glass bowl retains heat well and keeps the chocolate fresh for a longer time.

Another way to soften chocolate: In this method, add the chocolate pieces into chocolate is melted and dissolved The amount of chocolate is added to the melt temperature of the melted chocolate, but they are often ¼ quantity, and to facilitate the toilet is used chocolate fizzy electric or manual.

The traditional way to lubricate chocolate: pour melted chocolate thirds of the marble or another cold on the surface. Uniqueness of chocolate using Sbatula until you reach the temperature of the chocolate to 81 degrees Fahrenheit, and in this stage toughen the texture of chocolate and begin to take hold. Add this amount of chocolate, soft to the rest of the amount of melted chocolate and Akhalta together so that the temperature one. If the temperature is still high, pour the amount of other chocolate on the surface of the cold and repeat the previous process until we reach the required temperature, but that this method need to be a major effort and a large area and often cause a big mess in the kitchen.

The simple way to make sure that the chocolate is soft enough to put a small amount of chocolate on a piece of paper or on the edge of the knife. Holds together the chocolate evenly and have had of him is good it is soft enough.


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