PanCakes With Coconut Sauce Recipe

Hello Hello Visitors How Are Yaaaa Today This Day We Gonna Write A Dessert recipes Its  American recipe Its A Pan Cakes With Coconut Sauce I think All Know Pan Cakes But this time with Coconut Sauce Its For Sure Healthy Tasty Yummy But U Must Try It (^__^)

 INGREDIENTS of coconut sauce:

     500 g coconut milk
     200 g brown sugar
     Pinch of salt
     1 lemon grass
     Paper 2 lemon
     1 cup pineapple small section
     1 cup coconut


     2 egg whites
     250 g rice flour
     150 grams grated coconut wet
     Pinch of salt
     600 grams coconut milk
     Purified butter for frying

How to prepare
How To
prepare coconut sauce:

     Put coconut milk, brown sugar, salt, lemon grass and lemon leaves in
Pot  and mix are All them
     Add the pineapple and coconut and cook for a minute then remove the mixture from the fire and leave to cool

To prepare Pan Cake

     Mix all ingredients together
     Ingredients are whipping until the mixture is light and fragile
     Pour a ladle of the mixture in a pan with a little butter, purified and cook on one side until golden color and then swings to the other side and continue cooking until golden

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