French Toast With Strawberries Recipe

hello hello Good morning All the morning We Gonna make A French Toast With Strawberries With Pan Cakes Sauce its Yummy French Breakfast
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• 5eggs
• 175 ml of milk
• 40 grams of orange peel small pieces
• 20 grams of ground cinnamon
• 40 grams of butter
• 80 ml ​​of
Pan Cakes Sauce
• 200 grams of fresh strawberries
• 8 pieces of white toast bread
How to prepare
beating eggs in a pot and then turn with sugar, salt and milk
put bread slices in egg mixture, one after the other for several seconds until the bread absorbs some of the mixture and then carefully to absorb the volatility of the other side as well and put in the eggs, but the amount of bread used in cooking.
stacked pieces of bread in a tray or pan and heat slowly until the bottom of the bread Athmr then turn on the other side to also Tthmr
• Provides French toast hot with butter and syrup


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