Easy Home Ice Cream With Strawberry

Today Its Friday And We Like Ice Cream Soooo We Gonna Make it , we gonna make an easy Tasty Yummy ice Cream >>> Lets Start

 Preparation time: 10 to 20
Cooking time: 05-10 minutes

Ingredients Recipe 
  • cup and half of white chocolate
  • 3/4 Cup sugar
  • Whites of 4 eggs
  • - Half a liter of fresh cream
  • -4 Tablespoons of grated biscuits , strawberry, and   black chocolate.

How to prepare

  • We start spraying chocolate a coarse Brush.
  • Mix the sugar and water in a bowl and then move it over low heat until it melts.
  • And leave 15 minutes without turning, and then we put   whites of eggs  .. non-stop until the mixture is mixed.
  • Then mix cream in a pot with a wooden spoon, but without freezes and insert softly into  white of egg and add white chocolate and biscuit grated and then mixed.
  •   Put the mixture in a metal pot and placed in the freezer from 4 to 5 hours or until frozen.
  • And progressive overview to cut biscuits and strawberries, then sprinkle it white chocolate.

The End


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