Turkish Bread With Different Fillings

Turkish Bread Its Yummy Bread That Turkish make Today I have the recipe and i would to Put it Here In This Blog I Hope U Like It Try It

Preparation time: more than 50
Cooking time: 20-30 minutes

Ingredients Recipe

Amounts of batter

  •   3 cups flour
  • Two tablespoons butter at room temperature
  •   And a quarter cup of warm water
  •   Two tablespoons of sugar a small pinch of salt
  •   Tablespoon instant yeast
  Various fillings
  •   1 - beef with onions
  •   2 - meat smoker olives
  •   3 - Hotdog's
  • Or And fillings  You Like It

How to prepare

1 - is instant dissolve yeast and sugar with warm water and leave for ten minutes
 2 - Sift the flour in a bowl with salt and rub the butter is in the flour
 3 - (is the work of a hole in the flour and pour the liquid (yeast, sugar and water
4 - is kneading the dough for a period of (10 to 15) minutes
5 - leave aside the dough to ferment for an hour and a half
 6 - After fermentation of the dough down the air quietly with no kneading
 7 - the uniqueness of the dough a little thinner on the surface of the exact thickness of half a centimeter
 8 - are filling the dough with any kind of different fillings and the dough is rolled and the work on the bread slices with a knife 9 - painted a little dough Scrambled eggs
10 - set aside for half an hour
11 - enter the oven at medium heat
12 - out of the oven and cut with a knife


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