Fried Rice With Eggs

Today Its Sunday Its Holiday So We Gonna Cook Or Prepare Something Easy And Healthy And Yummy Tasty Its   Fried Rice With Eggs Its Soo Good  Just Try It And Enjoy It (^__^).

This Recipe Enough For 4 Persons 

Ingredients Recipe 
• 400 grams of white rice
• 4 eggs
• 100 grams of sliced ​​green onions
• 100 grams of red pepper is small in size
• 100 grams of canned corn
• 100 grams of green beans small-scale
• 100 grams of canned peas
• 20 ml of soy sauce
• 50 ml of sweet peppers
• 20 ml of sesame oil

How to prepare
Heat sesame oil in a pot on the fire and Fry the vegetables
Add the rice to the mixture, then add soy sauce and paprika
Add eggs to mixture and turns well until the mixture to cooked
raise the mixture from the fire and placed in a dish for presentation
• The dish becomes ready for submission


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