Cheese Steak Sandwich

Now With Tasty Yommy Sandwich Its a "Cheese Steak Sandwich" This Recipe Its Enough For 4 persons 

Cheese Steak Sandwich
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• 2 pieces of bread cut in half Alpagt
• 100 grams of green pepper is small in size
• 100 grams of red pepper is small in size
• 100 grams of sliced ​​mushrooms
• 100 grams of onion, a small-sized
• 200 grams of grated Moralizer
• 400 grams of sliced ​​beef 

How to prepare

Heat olive oil in a pot on the fire until slightly brown
Add the onion and green pepper, red and mushrooms to the steak with the continued To Be Brown
be placed over the cheese mixture and leave the mixture on the fire until the cheese melts
lift the mixture from the fire and placed in the bread Alpagt
• cut the bread into two halves and placed in a dish for presentation
becomes the dish is ready for submission


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