Cap Cake With Cream Filling

This night I Want Make and Write A Dessert For Dinner Its Cap cake With Cheese Cream Filling mmmmmmm Its Sooo Yummy Tasty Cup Cake

Amount would be enough: 10-12
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: baked to become ready

Ingredients Recipe 

A box of cake mix ready-flavored chocolate
250 g soft creamy cheese
2:00 p.m. as sugar
Bag of mini biscuits

How to prepare

1 - we get cake mix and set aside
2 - we fail cheese, sugar and egg well and set aside
3 - We Put templates Cupcake paper and then put the cake mixture to a quarter of the template and then put the M r of the cheese filling in center of each template and put over stuffing biscuit and then complete the rest of the cake mix
4 - enter the oven at 180 until cake is cooked
5 - decorated with whipped Cream Cupcake and grain biscuits
We Hope u Like It 


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